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May and June

Castleton Tech-Brek Webinars

We have launched a series of ‘Tech-Brek’ webinars, which will discuss the key challenge being faced by HA’s right now and more importantly, technology solutions to support you.

Join us for 45mins at 11am (with a coffee at the ready!)

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Got your Digital Channels of Communication sorted?

We look at simple and cost-effective digital solutions that can quickly and easily plug-in to your existing solutions environment. Our Pre-sales specialist Luke Basnett will be looking at SMS Text Messaging and Customer Portal technology specifically, as a driver for self-service tenant e ngagement. 12 May @ 11am
27 May @ 11am

Staying on top of Rent Arrears by Identifying Tenants at Greatest Risk

Housing Officers are increasing under pressure to effectively target, prioritise and chase tenants who are in arrears. By effectively consolidating data across your existing systems, we look at how you can accurately forecast which tenants are likely to fall into arrears, helping HA’s to prioritise workloads and begin to recover payment through targeted communications and proactive payment methods. 13 May @ 11am
28 May @ 11am
10 June @ 11am

Debt Recovery Management

With the emphasis on proactive payment solution technology embedded into your digital and back-office systems 21 May @ 11am

Is Remote Access to your files an issue? We Introduce Castleton EDRM for effective digitisation of your data.

Used by over 100 Housing Associations, we look at how Castleton EDRM is becoming increasingly essential for Social Housing providers. We review all the essential elements of a good EDRM system including GDPR features, Retention policies and speed of document retrieval. 29 May @ 11am

EDRM Solutions Deep-dive

Take a closer look at our most recent version of EDRM, Ideal for existing EDRM customers who want to see all the upgraded features and functionality. The session will be interactive, run by our lead Product Manager and Consultant for this solution. 09 June @ 11am

Security when working from home and Cyber-Awareness: with KnowBe4 and Kaspersky

We are working with the best security experts and solutions in the sector, devising ways of reducing security risks when working from home. Whether that’s applying physical security to end-points, two-factor authentication or email security. Or using virtual solutions as online, on-demand Security Awareness training.

15 May @ 11am

Carrying on with Business as Usual – Signing Agreements from home with Legalesign

Managing day to day administrative tasks is proving to be a huge challenge for all organisations right now. With eSignature software, you can reduce some of the pressure by getting documents signed swiftly and securely from home. 16 June @11am

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