About Us

Castleton Technology plc was formed with the acquisition of several market leading firms in the Social Housing Technology sector. MXC Capital merged Montal, Documotive, Opus, Keylogic, Impact, HousingBrixx and Kypera- acquiring the best of breed technology and allowing Castleton Technology plc to become one the leading companies in the industry.

At Castleton we have since gone on to integrate all our technologies to create an unrivaled suite of software and managed services offering. Our clients are now able to use us as their single IT vendor allowing them to streamline their operations with better communications across departments, remove compatibility problems and develop better business intelligence.


Integration is important at Castleton. We believe all our software should communicate with not only other Castleton products but also with 3rd party software. This is why we develop our products to easily integrate with your existing systems.


Innovation is central to what we do. The social housing sector is undergoing immense change and we aim to be at the forefront helping clients to meet and overcome new challenges.


Our customers help us to improve our products, they are vital in helping us create new features and better our existing functions. We actively seek feedback and work with our clients to help improve their experience.