Customise to your customer requirements

Castleton.DIGITAL allows you to build a plethora of web portal or app dimensions for customer interaction. These can include; statement and charge viewers, secure payments, see repair details and log repairs, update personal details, request a call-back, request an appointment, set up direct debits… the list goes on.

Castleton.DIGITAL delivers critical services which drive efficiencies into an organisation whilst ensuring customers who need the most assistance are the ones where valuable time is spent. The Castleton.DIGITAL platform is capable of delivering that experience to those people who require it, for example, a larger font or different.

Ease of use

The simple drag-and-drop workflow configuration is easy to work with. You can configure cross screen navigation options, data-dependant display and transition events, plus multi-branched workflow across all platforms

Castleton.DIGITAL can deliver fully automated “structure-less” data processing from any available data source. This means you can automatically import and process data from any available source with options to configure customised data entity definitions.

Authenticate customers using a variety of methods; including standalone named users, integrated active directory and a variety of social media options using standard development techniques.