Castleton Secure-IT: Triple point security solutions and services.

With cyber-crime increasing, ensuring your organisation is protected from attacks by malware, phishing or hackers is paramount. It is essential that organisations protect against data theft and network compromises.

Castleton Secure-IT is a package of solutions and services designed to safeguard your business.

Secure-IT Email is a range of email security solutions designed to protect users against spam, viruses, malware and emerging threats. Email Archiving services are essential for compliance and adherence to data retention best practices and to GDPR.

Web security solutions provide advanced threat protection with added local management controls to ensure compliance (GDPR). Secure-IT web allows discovery of cloud applications in use and monitors the usage of these apps, including those that represent risk to your enterprise. Secure-IT web also controls users, who may be jeopardising your organisation’s sensitive data through use of cloud applications.

Cyber-Security audit- resilience testing i.e. Internal & External Penetration Testing services: network testing, application, wireless, VoIP and client side exploitation testing.

Secure-IT features

• Ensures employees communicate securely
• Allows the organisation to enforce security controls
• Archiving achieves GDPR compliance

• Produces industry-leading reporting, sandboxing and DLP capabilities
• Stops more advanced, non-signature threats to customer data
• Protects data everywhere, whether in a private cloud, on premise or via a hybrid cloud

• Assists in the identification of technical & governance vulnerabilities, threats and risks

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