Castleton Sure-ITy: Online Backup (BaaS) & Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

All organisations need an efficient, cost-effective & secure process to BackUp and Recover their organisations data. Castleton Sure-ITy is a collection of flexible technologies and services that provide a truly tailored, flexible data backup and/or disaster recovery solution (BaaS & DRaaS) service to automatically and securely protect your documents, files and other media.

Sure-ITy is a range of data backup and business continuity solutions, developed in collaboration with customers, to address the need for a flexible, cost effective alternative to traditional Backup & Disaster Recovery Services. Sure-ITy combines leading-edge online/offsite data backup techniques with virtualised infrastructure technology.

Sure-ITy provides cost effective, feature rich and immensely flexible solutions that eliminate the need for traditional tape based backup or disaster recovery contracts.

Sure-ITy Disaster recovery is a flexible solution that enables organisations to recover critical systems quickly and efficiently should disaster strike

Sure-ITy features:

• Developed in collaboration with customers
• Flexible, cost effective alternative to traditional Backup & Disaster Recovery Services.
• Optimised to require minimal bandwidth
• Efficient, replicating only the changes in data that occurred since the previous backup.
• Data backed up in our state-of-the-art remote data centre environment
• Enables rapid and efficient recovery of data and servers into CMS virtual infrastructure

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