Managing over 3,600 homes across South Devon, Teign Housing are an established charity and registered social housing provider, dedicated to high standards of housing services for their tenants. To continue their drive towards delivering quality services, Teign are always looking for new opportunities to streamline and simplify internal processes, so more time and energy is dedicated to supporting their tenants. As a technology partner to Teign, Castleton were able to play a part in simplifying processes, by enhancing their existing HousingBrixx solution to a hosted platform.

The Need

Teign have been using Castleton’s HousingBrixx solution since 2008, for strategic forecasting and reporting. Used by the finance team daily, the solution has proven to be invaluable over the years, with the only perceived down-side being IT intervention when an update is required. During this period, Teign’s finance team alert their IT team for support with installation. With HousingBrixx users increasingly working remotely, communication of updates is not always instantaneous. When an update is in progress, this can be a timely process, requiring time and resource to implement. This is valuable time taken away from more strategic-led objectives and day to day operations.

The Solution

By switching HousingBrixx to a Solution as a Service (SaaS), Teign Housing no longer need to worry about the solutions maintenance. All installation, release updates and Windows updates are taken care of by Castleton, with no disruption to the finance or IT teams. A hosted platform with Castleton means Teign can access HousingBrixx from their browser anywhere and anytime, with the solution fully backed-up and secured in Castleton’s private Cloud. Peak performance is guaranteed at all times thanks to a fully tested and dedicated resource.

The hosted solution is fairly-priced and is based on the size of the plans in HousingBrixx. In Teign’s case, the mid-package with one connection was the right fit.

The Result  

With Teign already familiar with Castleton’s EDRM and Disaster Recovery solutions, moving HousingBrixx to a hosted solution further enhances the organisation’s operational efficiency and business continuity measures.

Benjamin Twittey, IT Infrastructure Analyst at Teign comments “Previously, we were spending several hours a month on associated IT support against the management of HousingBrixx. Teign have estimated a saving thanks to switching to a cloud platform but more so than the cost savings, valuable IT time is now dedicated to areas where it is needed the most in the organisation.”

Teign continue to use HousingBrixx as a business-critical application, with the assurance that it’s always available, secure and simple.

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