The Castleton Roadshow hit the road in July, visiting a number of locations across the country. Senior Castleton Staff presented Castleton’s latest updates and solutions to the customer base personally and conveniently to suit customers’ busy schedules.

The events were held in Bristol, London, Stoke and Leeds, with future events planned for Scotland and Ireland.

The Roadshows were a great opportunity for customers to engage with Castleton personnel and peers to build a better rapport and understanding of the Castleton strategy.

The agenda covered a number of corporate updates from Castleton on their strategy, financial performance, structure, support, implementations, development and product roadmaps. There were also a number of software solution showcases including upcoming product releases: Castleton Housing, CEDRM, Agile 5.0, Castleton.DIGITAL, Scheduling and AI; as well as a Managed Services overview and case studies.

Feedback from the events has been very positive and Castleton will be taking on board all of your comments to enhance future events.

Feedback included:

“Was great to talk to other clients and exchange stories/experiences. This was the real value from the session.”

“Useful mix of product and services – good to see roadmaps”

“This roadshow was useful to see what Castleton are doing with regards to GDPR in some of their products.”

“Customer case studies were excellent”

“Excited for release of CEDRM and Agile 5.0”

“The IT Technology Forum with CMS was the highlight for me”

Castleton appreciate all the support and time given by customers to attend and for their collaboration and enthusiasm participating in discussions.

Castleton also hosted an event for consultants within the housing sector to share the same content with them; the event was well received by the attendees and their reactions were extremely positive to the direction Castleton is taking to transform service delivery in the sector.

Take a look at our Roadshow video, including interviews with attendees.