We are pleased to announce our partnership with market-leading Asset Management service providers PIMSS. Managing the full life-cycle of your property assets, Castleton’s Housing Management System is now fully integrated with the PIMSS solution. With 21 years experience built within the social housing sector, PIMSS are a great partner to the organisation, as they are the only dedicated Asset Management company in Social Housing, catering to the diverse needs of both large and small scale organisations.

PIMSS can cater to our diverse Housing Providers needs, as they recognise that based on geography, not all housing providers operate the same. The Asset Management functions are designed to meet the unique challenges of Social Housing markets across England, Scotland and Wales.Integrated with Castleton’s Housing solution, Asset Management products will help our customers

  • Spend money more effectively and efficiently
  • Make better, evidence based decisions
  • Plan financial outlay more effectively
  • Ensure compliance with key sector standards, plus legal/health & safety requirements
  • Minimise risks
  • Maximise the opportunities your Asset base presents
  • Improve the efficiency of field based staff with mobile working
  • Evaluate the viability of your housing stock (or that of organisations you are considering merging with) against a broad range of social, economic, demographic and environmental factors

For more information on our Asset Management solutions, please contact your Castleton Account Manager.