Build your own web portals and apps with ease with our first self-service, interactive platform Castleton.DIGITAL platform.

Castleton.DIGITAL is our first self-configured software solution that can deliver bespoke web portals and simple to build customer facing apps. You know your customer needs better than anyone else and Castleton.DIGITAL enables you to create customer facing apps and portals with speed and ease, enhancing your service delivery and allowing your customers to engage with you on new digital platforms. As part of the digitisation journey that many of our Housing Associations are on, we know that there is increasing demand for fully self-sufficient solutions that are flexible and adaptable enough to create bespoke customer journeys. Not only that, our marketplace demands access to information 24/7, with real time visibility of information. Castleton.DIGITAL delivers on this.

Castleton.DIGITAL Features

  • WYSIWYG screen designer
  • Custom ‘drag and drop’ workflow builders, which include a range of standard controls and reusable style themes
  • Embedded and Customisable ‘Connector’ technology, to integrate with external applications
  • Customisable themes across apps, portals and individual pages
  • Latest mobile technology platforms
  • 100% Web-based application
  • Hosted in our managed services data-centre
  • Real time push notifications

Furthermore .Digital will allow access to documents online via our Castleton EDRMS solution – this service will not only be available to residents but also to board members alike – a digital platform for them to access board packs and key documentation without the need to print out copies and self-service to residents to obtain their documentation without the need for manual intervention.

Castleton.DIGITAL Benefits
  • Easy to build apps, making things simpler, quicker and automated for both the Housing Association and customer.
  • Real time access to information for your customers
  • Integrates with all the other Castleton software solutions, as well as external applications.
  • Customisable to reflect your company and enhance your brand identity – with logo, fonts and colour themes.
  • Continued functionality and enhancement developments
  • Digital engagement – empower your customers access, interact and review information
  • Securely hosted, meaning guarantee of speed and no downtime
  • You are in total control of your .Digital platform


Customise to your customer requirements
Castleton.DIGITAL allows you to build a plethora of web portal or app dimensions for your customer interaction. These can include; statement and charge viewers, secure payments, see repair details and log repairs, update personal details, request a call-back, request an appointment, set up direct debits… the list goes on.

Castleton.DIGITAL delivers critical services which drive efficiencies into an organisation whilst ensuring customers who need the most assistance are the ones where valuable time is spent. The .Digital platform is capable of delivering that experience to those people who require it, for example, a larger font or different language – allowing you to provide a tailored service.

Ease of use
The simple drag-and-drop workflow configuration is easy to work with. You can configure cross screen navigation options, data-dependant display and transition events, plus multi-branched workflow across all platforms. Castleton.DIGITAL can deliver fully automated “structure-less” data processing from any available data source. This means you can automatically import and process data from any available source with options to configure customised data entity definitions. Authenticate customers using a variety of methods; including standalone named users, integrated active directory and a variety of social media options using standard development techniques.

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