Not all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are the same. Our CRM software is designed with specifically for Social Housing sector. CRM gives exactly the flexibility and accuracy needed by Housing Authorities to link customers, properties and services.

Castleton achieves this by putting your customer at the heart of your system providing you with a complete picture of your customers and their issues.

CRM Features

CRM allows your organisation to:
• manage cases effectively
• profile customers for greater insight
• control the data you see
• drive customer excellence
• target your marketing

Castleton CRM draws information from all of your different business systems and displays it in one single view so constant minimising and maximising windows is a thing of the past. Using the single view feature you can personalise the information most relevant to you allowing you instant access to only the data you need.

Our case management and workflow capacity will enable your staff to capture, progress and track customer service requests, giving you the option to design and prescribe process flows or the flexibility to allow your employees to use their knowledge and experience to deliver.

CRM allows you to send email, SMS and postal campaigns and surveys to targeted groups of tenants at the click of a button and engage with your tenants through fully integrated social media feeds.

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