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The Audit Commission estimated in 2009 there were at least 50,000 unlawfully occupied social homes in England however more recent studies have shown as many as 160,000 social housing tenants in London alone may be subletting their properties and making vast amounts of profits at the expense of the taxpayer.

With services such as Airbnb we are seeing a growing numbers of landlords launching possession proceedings against tenants who have sublet their property without permission.

Data Services

Castleton Data Services helps to combat illegal subletting and validates your data even in the instances where a tenant may not inform you of a change. Data Services uses over 350 match conditions from recognised reference data so you can rest assured about accuracy and data protection issues.

Social Housing Authorities face a number of “Change of Tenancy” problems:

  • People move in and don’t tell you e.g. illegal subletting
  • People move out and don’t tell you e.g. child leaves for university
  • Only half the ‘Home Move’ story is given e.g. move in or move out
  • Customers can move in and move out before any contact is made
  • Customers new accounts are not linked to their previous address
  • Customer data isn’t verified
  • Income and credit worthiness is difficult to assess

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