Access all your physical and electronic documents at the touch of a button. The Castleton Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) software integrates with a variety of your business applications allowing them to automatically store documents generated from systems. With the ability to read over 400 file types (including video and audio) EDRM can be utilised across your whole organisation.

EDRM Features

As well as integrating with your back office systems such as Housing, Finance, HR and Repairs EDRM also integrates with Microsoft Office allowing non-system generated documents to be stored directly within the system without the need to save a copy on a shared drive providing with an audit trail of all your information.

Automated file processing and indexing provides a seamless, unattended options for retrieving and adding document to the EDRM solution.

EDRM’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables you to search content within documents. This means you can effectively find relevant documents quicker rather than sifting through unrelated documents to find the correct file.

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