Strategic Modelling

Visualise your strategy, its outcomes and its impact. Castleton Strategic Modelling (formerly known as HousingBrixx) allows you to simulate real-world choices and situations your organisation will face in the future.

Castleton Strategic Modelling is a dynamic, time-based modelling solution developed specifically for business leaders in the Social Housing sector.

This powerful software lets you create a flexible model of your business to deliver an intimate understanding of how each decision can impact an organisation, immediately and over time.

Strategic Modelling Features

Internal processes and wider economic assumptions both play a part in shaping and flexing your model. Castleton Strategic Modelling performs these calculations for you, allowing you to concentrate on analysing your model’s outputs and testing scenarios without disrupting the integrity of your numbers.

Our feature rich software will allow you to change scenarios, timings and much more to produce intelligent models to aid your decision making.

Development Modelling

Development Modelling is a strategic modelling software designed especially for development appraisals. The best way to make a strategic plan is to have a flexible model of your business. It allows development teams to construct complex long term models, which can be imported into the long term financial plan in a single click.

Development Modelling allows you to get answers to key development questions:
• What are the financial metrics for this development in terms of NPV and IRR?
• When will a scheme generate positive cash flow?
• Will delaying developments allow for more schemes to be undertaken without breaking covenants?

Strategic Modelling Training

We offer our clients training courses to leverage as much benefit out of Strategic Modelling as possible. Our courses range from introductory lessons to training advanced users.

We can also create bespoke training sessions around your needs to cover exactly what you need to learn.

Some organisations merely need an expert eye to review their existing strategic models. We methodically go through your plan with you and offer you expert insight.

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